Transfer music from iPod Touch to iTunes

Can you tell me how to transfer music from my iPod Touch to iTunes?

I just recently formatted my hard drive and lost all my iTunes music on my computer. I want to backup and transfer my music from my iTouch to my iTunes, but I know Apple doesn’t support this feature. Is there any program to help me transfer iPod Touch to iTunes? By the way, I currently have the latest version of iTunes. – Landon

Are you looking for an outstanding program to transfer music from iPod Touch to iTunes as Landon?

Well, as mentioned by Landon, it is a fact that Apple doesn’t allow us to transfer iPod Touch to iTunes, computer and other hard drive. As a result, many people have the demand of how to transfer music from iPod Touch to iTunes.

To cater for the demand of many iPod users, in the Internet market there are many programs, which were designed to transfer iPod Touch music to iTunes. Here I am glad to recommend a third party tool – iPod to iTunes Transfer, which is the best one to transfer all files from all types of iPod, iPhone to your iTunes library or your computer.

How to transfer music from iPod Touch to iTunes with iPod to iTunes Transfer?

Note: Download and install iPod to iTunes Transfer (Skip if done yet)

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Step1: Connect your iPod to your computer and run the software – iPod to iTunes Transfer.

Step2: Select all your music files that you wanna transfer iPod Touch to iTunes.

Step3: Click “Export” button and choose “Export to iTunes” button, then click “OK” button to start to transfer songs from iPod Touch to iTunes.

Step4: After exporting process finished, the following window will pop up. You can press the “OK” button to view the output songs.

Why do people need this iPod to iTunes Transfer? I think they may come across the problems as follows:

1. I had to do a master reset on my computer and lost everything but all my songs are in my iPod Touch 3G. I wanna know how to transfer iPod Touch songs to iTunes and I am looking for an amazing program to do that. By the way, I have Windows Vista and have tried everything I know, but nothing worked.

2. Alright, my iTunes was working well until yesterday I found that my whole music library is gone! Probably something that my brother accidentally did; we shared the same computer. Anyway, now my iTunes library is empty, and I want to transfer my songs on my iPod Touch 4 to iTunes library without losing my songs on my iPod.

3. My computer got a virus and I had to reinstall Windows on my computer to get rid of the virus and my whole iTunes library got erased but I still have the music on my iPod but I’ve no idea about how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes.

4. My Macbook recently died and I had to have it replaced. None of my files could be saved and as a result I lost everything including all my music; I now have no music on my iTunes library, I was wondering if there is any way to transfer music from iPod Touch to iTunes onto my new computer.

If you encounter the similar above-mentioned problems, you can use this iPod to iTunes Transfer to transfer iPod Touch songs to iTunes easily.

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  • Wynnstan Permalink Apr 1, 2011 at 3:30 am

    My computer is crashed. I am upset because of my missing songs on it.

    Lucky for me, I have them on my iPod Touch 4. Thanks for your method. I can transfer music from iPod Touch to iTunes with it. And it is easy for me to get the missing songs on my new computer again.

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