Transfer MP3 from iPod to PC

How can I backup and transfer MP3 from iPod?

I have accidentally deleted a folder of MP3 files from my Windows 7 computer. The MP3 songs are still on my new iPod Nano 6. I want to transfer MP3 from iPod to PC without erasing my files on my iPod Nano 6. Is it possible for me to transfer MP3 from iPod? If it’s possible, how can I do that? – Paige

Of course! Here I can give a positive answer to you about your trouble. In this following text, you are able to find a well-pleasing solution of how to transfer MP3 from iPod to PC.

To better help us transfer MP3 from iPod to PC, here I show you a cute program – iPod to PC Transfer, which is an all-in-one tool to transfer various files from iPod to PC, computer, iTunes or other hard drive.

Below is the tutorial of how to transfer MP3 songs from iPod to PC with this iPod to PC Transfer. But you need to download and install iPod to PC Transfer for making a preparation to transfer MP3 from iPod.

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Tutorial: How to transfer MP3 from iPod to PC with iPod to PC Transfer

Step1: Connect your iPod to your PC and run the software – iPod to PC Transfer.

Step2: Please choose the MP3 files that you plan to transfer.

Step3: Start to transfer MP3 from iPod to computer by clicking “Export” and choosing “Export to Disk Only” button.

Step4: After you finish the exporting process, the following window will pop up. You can browse your output MP3 files by pressing the “OK” button.

Note: You can set the output folder at settings option before transferring MP3 from iPod to PC.

Why we need to use iPod to PC Transfer?

iTunes doesn’t allow us to transfer files from iPad, iPhone, iPod to PC. iPod to PC Transfer can break the iTunes restriction. It is a powerful but easy-to-operate tool. It can not only transfer MP3 files from iPod to PC, but also help iPod fans to transfer all kinds of files from iPod to PC. It can easily help you out when you encounter the following familiar problems:

1. Your files on your personal computer were gone when your personal computer broke.

2. You are desirous to transfer your music from your iPod to your new computer when you buy a new laptop computer.

3. You intend to transfer and share your media files on your iPod with your friends when your friends love them.

4. You want to transfer your brother’s iPod music and videos to your computer when you like and want to own them.

5. You want to transfer music from your old iPod to new iPod while you have a new iPod Nano 6.

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    I found the post – A cute tool to transfer MP3 from iPod to PC on today and really liked it. By learning this article, I have known the way of how to transfer my MP3 files from my iPod Nano 6 to my personal computer.

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