Transfer items from iPhone to computer

How to transfer items on my iPhone to computer in case of losing my items?

I have been using my iPhone for years and have stored a lot of important items such as fair-sounding music, brilliant videos, beautiful pictures, important contacts, SMS, call list, nice iBooks etc on my iPhone.

My iPhone is very important for me and sometimes I feel it’s my life. In case of losing my iPhone items once my iPhone is lost or broken, I just want to transfer items from iPhone to computer. Here I am looking for an integrative iPhone tool, which can assist me to transfer items from iPhone. – Amelia

Do you have the similar experience with Amelia? Do you wonder to know how to transfer items from iPhone to computer?

Don’t worry. Here I introduce you an amazing program – iPhone Tool Kits, which is just an integrative iPhone tool that Amelia is looking for.

This iPhone Tool Kits is really powerful! It can help you to transfer all your items on iPhone to computer easily.

The key functions of iPhone Tool Kits as follows:
1. iPhone Music/Video Transfer: transfer iPhone music/video to computer or iTunes
2. iPhone SMS Transfer: copy iPhone SMS to computer
3. iPhone Photo Transfer: transfer photos, picture, images from iPhone to computer or other hard drive
4. iPhone Contacts Transfer: export contacts from iPhone
5. iPhone Call list Transfer: backup and transfer iPhone call list to computer
6. iPhone Disk & File Utilities: make iPhone as a removable hard disk
7. iBooks Transfer: transfer iPhone books with ease

How to transfer items from iPhone to computer with iPhone Tool Kits?

Before you transfer items from iPhone to computer, please download and install iPhone Tool Kits.

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In this article, I will show you how to transfer iBooks from iPhone to computer with iPhone Tool Kits as an example. The steps as follows:

Step1: Connect your iPhone to your computer. Normally, iTunes will be auto-run first. In iTunes, make sure that “Enable disk use” has been checked in the iPhone options.

Step2: Launch and run the program – iPhone Tool Kits. It will auto-scan your iPhone on your computer. If the iPhone is enabled, the information of iBooks will be shown in the list as the following window.

Now I explain the above-mentioned buttons’ functions to you:
“1” button: To transfer iBooks from iPhone to computer.
“2” button: Status currently.
“3” button: To show items in a list or gird.
“4” button: Quickly search and find items.

Step3: From this list, you can now select and checkmark the iBooks that you want to transfer. Click the “Export” button to transfer iBooks from iPhone to computer.

Step4: That’s all! The iBooks that you chose are all transferred to your computer now.

Okay, you can also set some option settings on iPhone Tool Kits if you would like to change the default setting in the following window.

Well, you can follow the guide of how to transfer iBooks from iPhone to computer with iPhone Tool Kits. This iPhone Tool Kits is a versatile and outstanding program for iPhone user. Furthermore, you can use it and follow the above-mentioned steps to transfer iPhone items to computer.

Also you can separately make use of iPhone Tool kits’ Music/Video Transfer, Photo Transfer, SMS Transfer, Contacts Transfer, and Call List Transfer to transfer music/video from iPhone to PC, transfer images from iPhone to PC, backup iPhone SMS to computer, export contacts from iPhone, copy call list from iPhone to computer.

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    Wo Wo, it is a nice iPhone tool. Thank you very much , I have tested it , it is really useful and take me much convenience.

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