Transfer iPod songs to Windows 7

There is no doubt that computer is becoming a part of our daily life. There are Mac OS and many Windows OS, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and so on for you to install on your computer. The new Windows 7 is one of the most popular operation systems.

However, Almost of us are familiar with iTunes restriction. It is that Apple stops us from transferring music from iPod to computer in order to protect the copyright of music. That’s to say, you may encounter the problem about how to transfer iPod songs to Windows 7 when you are using Windows 7 computer.

To resolve the puzzle about how to transfer songs from iPod to Windows 7, many iPod users search for the answer by googling. They are looking forward to finding a good program to transfer songs from iPod to their Windows 7 computer. But it will take their much time to test them one by one.

Here I directly introduce a professional program – iPod Music Backup, which can do you a favor to backup and transfer iPod songs to Windows 7 in case there are some problems with your computer. For example, your hard drive crashed.

This iPod Music Backup is not only fit for Windows 7 computer to transfer songs from iPod to Windows 7, but also it is compatible with other Windows OS, including Windows Vista and Windows XP, etc.

Are you surprised at the powerful iPod Music Backup tool? If yes, don’t hesitate, please download and install it in the following link to try to transfer songs from iPod to Windows 7 right away.

Download icon

Now let me share the brief steps as follows:

First step: Connect iPod to Windows 7 computer and launch iPod Music Backup.

Second step: Choose songs and hit “Export” to transfer iPod songs to Windows 7.

Third step: Select export mode – click “Export to Disk Only” icon as the following window.

Fourth step: Open and view the output songs.

Done! It is easy, if you want to learn the detailed steps, you can refer to the previous post: Transfer music from iPod to Windows 7.

Here I incidentally introduce a program – iPod Music Backup for Mac to you. If you are using a Mac OS computer, it is helpful for you to transfer your music from iPod back to your Mac computer.

This iPod Music Backup is really easy to use. It has no excuse for you to not backup your iPod music to your computer. If some problems happen to your iPod or computer and you don’t backup files on them, you will be sorry.

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