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How do I transfer music and photos from iPhone 3GS to computer or iTunes?
My PC have crashed and I lost iTunes library and photos etc everything that is all on my iPhone 3GS. But I don’t know how to rebuild my iTunes library. In order to protect copyright of music, iTunes block you from transferring iPhone 3GS to iTunes or computer. I have downloaded so many programs to transfer iPhone 3GS to computer, it says they will transfer, unfortunately, none of them can show my files. Anyone Please just tell me what to do?

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If you want to do that, for example, your computer or iTunes crashed but you have a new computer, and you need to rebuild your iTunes library, the best method is using an iPhone 3GS to computer transfer, which is a professional software that is designed to help you backup all your files from your iPhone 3GS without erasing anything and show your files that you want. Then you can transfer your music and photos from iPhone 3GS to computer and then add to your iTunes. Using iPhone 3GS to Computer Transfer, you can easily transfer iPhone 3GS to computer, copy iPhone 3GS to computer, backup iPhone 3GS to computer with pretty fast speed and completely original quality.

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Here is how to transfer iPhone 3GS to computer? IPhone 3GS to computer Transfer is very easy to use, it only takes a few steps to export everything on iPhone 3GS to PC.
Connect your iPhone 3GS to your computer.
Run iPhone 3GS to Computer Transfer software – iPhone 3GS to Computer Transfer.
Select music, photos, videos, or any other files you want to backup via play list or search.
Click on “start transfer” button, select an output path to transfer.

The functions of iPhone 3GS:
The Fastest iPhone ever: Everything you do on iPhone 3GS is up to double faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.

3-Megapixel Camera: The new 3-megapixel camera takes a great deal of photos, too. Thanks to built-in autofocus and a handy new feature that lets you tap the display to focus on anything or anyone you want.

Voice Control: Voice Control recognizes the names in your Contacts and knows the music on your iPod. So if you want to make a call or play a song, all you have to do is ask.

Compass: With a built-in digital compass, iPhone 3GS can point the way. Use the new Compass applicant, or watch as it automatically reorients maps to match the direction you’re facing.

Internet Tethering: Surf the web from practically anywhere. Now you can share the 3G connection on your iPhone with your Mac notebook or PC laptop.

With iPhone 3GS, you can shoot video, edit it, and share it, stock, capture and share a memo, a meeting, or any audio recording, watch YouTube videos, send messages with text, video, photos, audio, locations, and contact information, find what you’re looking for across your iPhone, cut, copy, and paste words and photos, even between applications, also copy and paste images and content from the web and so on.

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  • Aaron Permalink Aug 1, 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Oh, I know this iPhone 3GS to computer can transfer various files from iPhone 3GS to computer.

    :?: But I want to ask “can I transfer my iphone 3GS information to my new iphone 4 directly?”

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  • Samuel Permalink Oct 19, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    I was told that I can use iTunes to help me transfer my files from my computer to my iPhone 3GS. But I wonder to know how to transfer files from my iPhone 3GS to my computer.

    :?: Can this iPhone 3GS to computer Transfer help me out?

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  • Johnny Permalink Nov 11, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Can I back up my apps that I have paid for. iPhone 3GS to PC.
    I lost my itunes due to crash and want to save all the apps to new pc / itunes.

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  • Jim Appleton Permalink Oct 1, 2012 at 5:25 am

    My computer crashed and I have down loaded all photos but not the songs. Regards James.

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