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Apple iPad is a stunning digital device. It is an intelligent product between smart phones and laptops. Many Apple fans own one and they enjoy themselves with their iPads.

Owning and using iPad is a pleasure for Apple user, but at the same time the iPad takes much bother to them. Now take the following problem as an example:

“All my music files on my computer lost since my computer crashed, but fortunately I have them on my Apple iPad. My question is how to take music off iPad and then put my music files to my computer?”

There are many similar questions that are frequently asked at answers.yahoo.com and other forums as follows:

Who can tell me an easy and reliable way to transfer music from my iPad to my computer?

How do I take music from iPad to my computer in case my music files are damaged or crashed?

Is it possible for me to take music off iPad to my brand new computer?

Well, the above-mentioned questions are certain to be asked by many people. In view of the importance of this question – how to take music off iPad, in this article I recommend an outstanding program – iPad Transfer, which is a good helper to resolve the similar questions of how to take music off iPad.

With iPad Transfer, you can take music off iPad, take songs off iPad, take music from iPad, take music off of iPad, and take music from iPad to computer like a cork. Besides it can assist you to transfer and take videos, photos, podcasts, playlists and movies etc from your Apple iPad to your computer or other hard drive.

Note: If you want to take music off iPad, please refer to the following tutorial. I believe it will give you a big surprise.

Tutorial: How to take music off iPad with iPad Transfer

By the way, please download and install iPad Transfer before you take songs off iPad.

Download icon

How to take music off iPad with iPad Transfer?
Step1: Connect your iPad to your computer and then run the software – iPad Transfer.

Step2: Select songs you mean to backup, transfer and take from iPad to computer.

Step3: Click “iPad to PC” button to export and take music from iPad to computer.

OK, that’s all! But if you mean to take and transfer your computer files to your iPad, please click “PC to iPad” button to do that with this iPad Transfer.

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