How can you rip iPod to computer/iTunes?

Why you need to rip iPod?
iPod has soared in glorification and is creating a huge wave of purchasing in recent years, now it is the world’s finest selling digital device. Millions of people are in possession of iPod now and this resulted to the birth of various iPod types such as iPod nano, iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod classic and iPod touch. And at the same time, iPod download websites are all over the internet for you to get the wonderful contents for your iPod. You can enjoy your favorite music and movies using it, providing you a way of killing time, keeping up your mood and relaxation.

On the other hand, however, with so many music and movies on the internet, mostly are copyright protected, you should have to pay for them and download to your iPod from iTunes. Unfortunately, Apple only allows the direction music gets transferred is from the computer to the iPod. This is really a challenge to the iPod music and movie fans. Hard drives can melt down. Computers can be stolen. Music and movie folders can be deleted by mistake. The only copy of your music/movie is the music/movie exists on your iPod, you need a way to rip your iPod to computer since you have paid for these files and really own them. Then we will have to think about the following questions: How do I rip iPod to PC? How do I rip music from iPod to iTunes? How to rip iPod movies?

Fortunately, there is software available for both Mac and Windows that will help you rip your iPod to computer and even help rebuild playlists.

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This iPod Rip is an amazing handy software to help you rip and manage your iPod music, videos, photos, podcasts between iPod and PC. You can learn more about iPod Rip Sotware from here.

The Cheaper Way to rip iPod
If you want a free solution… read on please. However, you must keep in mind that this option is a “hard way”, if you aren’t super savvy with computers, then please try the above method I mentioned. This is a way to rip iPod to computer without any extra software.
1. Plug in your iPod.
2. Go to My Computer and find the iPod.
3. Open the iPod.
4. Go to Tools > Folder Options > View (the tab) > scroll to Show Hidden Files and Folders and click it.
5. Click OK
6. Go back to your iPod folder/drive, there you will find a new folder called iPod Control
7. Open it.
8. The Music folder in it will have a bunch of folders named F00, F01 and so on. THEY HAVE YOUR MP3s. Look through the folders to find your stuff.

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