How to move iPod to iTunes

I switched my computer a while ago, and installed a whole new iTunes. But now I’d like put all my old songs on this iTunes. My brother said that’s only possible by downloading some software to do it. What software do I download in order to move iPod music to iTunes without losing any music in the process?—Alex 

Here I recommend you to use iPod to iTunes transfer to move iPod to iTunes. It is a good choice for you to do that. With iPod to iTunes Transfer, you can easily move iPod to iTunes, move from iPod to iTunes, move iPod music to iTunes, move music from iPod to iTunes with high speed and good effect.

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Here are the steps about how to move iPod to iTunes:
Step1: Connect your iPod to computer, launch the program – iPod to iTunes transfer. The program will search the device automatically.

Step2: Choose the files you want to transfer, click the ‘Export’ button.

Step3: When the following window pops up, you can choose transferring to computer or iTunes directly.|

Step4: When the transferring finished, click the ‘Yes’ button to view the output files.

As the steps show, it is very easy to move iPod music to iTunes. Now you can move your own iPod music to iTunes with above-mentioned steps with ease!

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