Get photos off iPad

Is there a way for me to get all my photos from my iPad to my computer?
I have many photos on my iPad and I wanna get photos off iPad to my computer in order to keep them on my PC. I seek long and hard but find no way. – Tim

How to get photos off iPad? Who can help me out?
Hey, I jump out of my skin owing to my iPad. My hobby is taking photos with my iPad. I like to take scenic when I travel. Now I intend to share some photos on my iPad with my friends far away. I have known that iTunes can’t allow me to transfer and get photos off iPad to computer and then share with my friends. I am seeking for solution to get photos off iPad, who can help me out? – Nichole

Are you a shutterbug?

Would you like to share your photos with your friends and classmates or colleagues?

Do you have the puzzle – how to get photos off iPad?

If “yes”, I think you may be look forward to finding a program to get photos off iPad. Though iTunes can’t help you get photos from iPad, here I recommend you a magical tool – iPad Transfer Manager, which is the best choice for you to get photos off iPad.

With iPad Transfer Manager, you can get photos off iPad, get photos from iPad, get iPad photos to computer, get photos from iPad to computer, get photos off of iPad and get photos off iPad to computer with original quality effortlessly.

As long as you own one, you can easily transfer and get iPad photos to computer without making the photos small and look blurry.

Step-by-step guide of how to get photos off iPad with iPad Transfer Manager:

How to get photos off iPad to computer? Please follow the steps to get photos off iPad:
Step1: Free download and install iPad Transfer Manager.

Download icon

Step2: Connect your iPad to your computer and launch the software – iPad Transfer Manager.

Step3: Select photos you intend to get from iPad to computer or iTunes.

Step4: Click “iPad to PC” button to get photos from iPad to computer.

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  • Yeruwsha Permalink May 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    I am using my iPad 2 Can this iPad Transfer Manager support iPad 2? My meaning is that I can use it to get photos off iPad 2 or not.

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  • Jehovah Permalink May 27, 2011 at 12:20 am

    I am delighted that I can use your iPad to computer Transfer tool to get pictures off iPad to my PC fastly without losing my pictures’ quality. Because I fell for taking pictures with my new Apple iPad and want to backup them to my computer for sharing.

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