4 ways to get music off iPhone

On many occasions, you would run into a problem of how to get music off iPhone. For example, your old computer has been stolen and you just get a new PC. You want to sync music library stored from iPhone to the new computer, but you can’t find a solution.

Then is there any other possible way to get music off iPhone for transferring it onto the new PC? Actually, you could try to use some utilities to tackle this issue. We are going to introduce you some useful tools and show you how to operate them correctly.

Method 1: Get music off iPhone with iPhone to Computer Transfer

Using iPhone to Computer Transfer, you can get iPhone songs to PC or copy iPhone 4S songs to computer. In addition, it supports transferring photos, videos, podcasts, playlists, and all things stored in Nano, iTouch, any type of iPhone series to computer.

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IPhone to Computer Transfer also helps you get music from iPhone with high speed and save it onto any folder you choose or iTunes playlists on the computer.

The process to get iPhone songs to PC is fast. You only need to finish installing and launching the above iPhone transfer. After that, plug in your iPhone onto computer USB, and then select music files to start transfer.

Method 2: Get songs off iPhone with iPhoneBrowser in Windows

IPhoneBrowser is designed to manage media files on broken iPhone. To get songs off iPhone, remember to download iPhoneBrowser from code.Google.com.

Connect iPhone, open iPhoneBrowser and proceed to click Music folder to select what you want to transfer. You’d better specify the folder for saving your music files by hitting “save folder in” or other similar option.

Method 3: Get music from iPhone to Mac OS X via expod

Expod works well for users who intend to get iPhone music to computer or get music from iPod to Mac. It can recognize iPhone music playlists and even the songs metadata including artist, album information.

Connect iPhone or iPod touch onto your computer and run expo. Now select a folder to save your iPhone music, check a whole playlist or several single songs on the right side and then press “extract” button to start to get iPhone music to computer.

Method 4: Get iPhone songs to PC with the help of Senuti

Senuti can be used to get songs off iPhone, but it doesn’t allow you to copy address book, SMS text and other things from iPhone to Mac OS computer.

As for how to operate it, firstly, you need to download Senuti from the net and select the location for saving iPhone songs or let it in default folder. When you connect your iPhone onto computer, you can find all your music files on Senuti interface. Select music files to start to transfer.

Comment for the 4 ways to get iPhone music to computer

I am a new computer user. After trying the above 4 ways to overcome the problem of how to get songs off iPhone, I’d like to tell you that iPhone to Computer Transfer is the best one.

The main reason is that I can operate it easily and it lets me do the job fast. Since it has both Windows and Mac versions, you can download either of them to start to get iPhone songs to PC. Of course, the other 3 tools also work, but they are a little complicated to use. – Savannah Smith

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  • ryan Permalink Jul 23, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    :lol: I love the new site myphone express.

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  • Fingal Permalink Aug 23, 2010 at 1:52 am

    In this post, it is recommended to get music off iPhone and it works great for songs, but can I use it to get photos from iPhone to computer?

    Jerome August 31st, 2010 Permalink

    You can use iPhone to computer Transfer to get photos from iPhone to your computer easily as well! It also works well for photos, videos, movies, TV shows etc.

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  • Polly Permalink Sep 14, 2010 at 1:26 am

    I thought iTunes is enough for me to manage my iPhone and iPod, but now I come across the big trouble – how to get music off iPhone. iTunes can’t allow me get songs from my iPhone to my computer. Luckily I find this iPhone to computer Transfer in the post. :lol:

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  • Byron Permalink Oct 3, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    This iPhone to computer Transfer is a cool product for me to get all my music off my iPhone to my Windows computer. It is the one that I am looking for. Thank you! :-D

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