If your hard drive unexpectedly crashes, you may want to use this tool to transfer iPhone to computer for free to recover your files. If you accidentally deleted all or part of your music collection on your computer, you may be wondering how to free backup iPad music to your PC with a free iPad transfer.

Our free iPhone transfer tool is also the best solution for backups from any iDevice to your PC. It is simple to easy but performs a lot of useful functions. Unlike many other free iPhone transfer tools, ours is REALLY 100% free; there are no hidden costs or limitations. The following list of features will give you an idea why so many users are choosing this free, effective, hot iOS manager.


Transfer files from iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes or PC

Transfer or backup media files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod, including music, iTunes U, videos, podcasts, TV shows, voice memos, iBooks, photos, and many other types of files, with Free Online iPhone Manager.

Backup files to PC: Click the Export button to copy your files from iPhone/iPod/iPad to your PC to backup or replace lost files.

Transfer files to iTunes: Retrieve or recreate your iTunes library by transferring songs from your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Or backup all the media files on your iOS devices to iTunes.


Transfer various types of files to your iOS devices

If you lose files, you may need to transfer files from your PC to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. The free iPhone Manager allows you to get the files you need onto your Apple digital device.

Transfer media files to iOS devices: Click the Import button and synchronize your photos, iBooks, music, voice memo, and videos from PC to iPod/iPhone/iPad.

Transfer files among idevices: Share your funny media contents with friends and family by transferring them between iOS devices.


Manage common media content on your iPod, iPhone and iPad

This online iPhone Manager will not only transfer iPhone to computer for free, but will help you manage the files on your iDevices. Delete songs, pictures, audio books, ringtones, videos, etc. that you no longer want, reload files from other devices, or create new playlists from the media files. An amazing bonus is that Free Online iPhone Manager has a built-in ringtone maker, allowing you to create special ringtones for your iPhone by selecting and cutting audio.


Import/Export contacts and personal data on iOS devices

The Free Online iPhone Manager helps you manage your personal information, such as SMS, contacts, notes, bookmarks, and calendar entries.

It provides you four modes to transfer your personal information. You can import or export them by clicking the Import or Export button.

Make new contacts, notes, and bookmarks. Delete unwanted personal details or restore lost personal information from another device. You can also merge records to eliminate duplicate contacts.


Manage applications on iPad, iPod and iPhone

The Free Online iPhone Manager also allows you to manage the apps on your iOS devices. Install, uninstall and update the apps directly on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Quickly find an app you want, even if you have hundreds, by using the built-in search function.


Power and ease of use

Get this free tool without any downloads or registrations. Simply click the Launch Application button.

This freeware is completely compatible with all Apple digital devices, including iPhone 5,4S, 4, 3GS, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Nano, iTouch, etc.

It offers three free built-in tools - MP3 player, Plist file editor, Ringtone maker.


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